The key to retaining staff, succession planning, business growth, financial security and an improved market position can lie with a creative, innovative, efficient and resilient management team. These core skills are crucial to business success within any fast-paced and challenging economic climate. Leadership & Management apprenticeships offer the opportunity to nurture both new and existing employees, empowering staff with technical knowledge and transferable skills - a vital way of increasing the value of your business.

Plumpton College are delighted to be working in partnership with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) to offer an exciting new suite of apprenticeships and bespoke course provision, enabling businesses to train new talent while ensuring company knowledge is retained in-house, as well as giving candidates the opportunity to earn while they learn and build a portfolio of work. ILM’s market-leading apprenticeship offer supports the core principles of business management and Plumpton College are working with businesses across the region to develop occupationally relevant management provision to support the needs of our business community.

A skills gap

Businesses often promote their best technical experts into management positions to ensure the quality of their products and services, however these management teams may not have received any formal management learning prior to or as part of their appointment. It is this skills gap that Leadership & Management apprenticeships aim to address. The additional management skills required within the roles are vital to efficient and successful management teams and their wider businesses.

Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships

Leadership & Management apprenticeships will see apprentices learning and demonstrating seven core management aspects: Personal Development, Leading and Managing People, Communication, Decision Making, Operational Management, Project Management and Finance at a level suitable to the role of the employee. Advanced Apprentices will be ‘first line’ managers with operational/project responsibilities or requirement for managing a team to deliver a clearly defined outcome. They will provide direction, instructions and guidance to ensure the achievement of set targets. Higher Apprentices will be operations/ departmental managers managing teams and/or projects, and achieving operational or departmental targets and objectives, as part of the delivery of the organisations strategy, and are accountable to a more senior manager or business owner. Creating and delivering operational plans, managing projects, leading and managing teams, managing change, financial and resource management, talent management and coaching & mentoring will be key parts of the Higher Apprentices role.

Getting it right for your business

It is an exciting and innovative period of time for Leadership and Management, and the opportunity to grow our ‘accidental’ managers to become efficient and focused professional business management teams.

We appreciate that a full apprenticeship may not always be the best solution for our employers and are excited to be offering a solution based delivery programme of management training designed in conjunction with employers workforce development needs. These ‘short course’ and ‘bespoke’ programs will embrace the ILM ethos, providing employers with the business management solutions they require.

For further information to discuss your needs or to arrange a non-obligatory visit from our specialist Account Managers please call 01273 892035 or email BusinessDevelopment@plumpton. our aim is to devise and develop of your workforce needs.

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