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2018: The Year of the Woman

Shining a spotlight on female-led startups and women in innovation at the Sussex Innovation Centre...

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Developing the Talent of Today (and Tomorrow)

It’s a fact that by 2020 over 50% of your workforce will be made up of Millennials, those born between the mid-eighties and approximately...

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Is it time for you to give a nod to NEDs?

UNTIL relatively recent times, non-executive directors were seen as the almost exclusive domain of PLCs and the very biggest private...

Scaling up bookkeeping entrepreneurship success
The 5 Key Challenges of Scaling Your Business

The Scale-Up Institute figures (quoted in a recent Vistage whitepaper) show that fewer than 4% of all UK start-ups have ten or more...

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Print versus Digital is not the debate. It’s all about the quality.

When we launched Platinum Business Magazine almost four years ago, we were passionate disciples of print, extolling the virtues of...

Dean Orgill hot desking office refurb
Do businesses make the most of their premises?

Traditionally many businesses have demonstrated their success with a very visible symbol. Just as historically various religions have...

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