The X would be regarded as an SUV but comes complete with aspects of all other model sectors. It has 4-wheel drive due to the electric power being fed to all wheels, it will house up to seven passengers and hits 60mph in 4.8 seconds. Order the P100D with the ‘ludicrous speed’ update and you will hit 60 in 2.8 seconds, which puts it up there with Ferrari and McLaren. And there is no engine, no fuel tank, so servicing and no petrol costs!

So many facets of this car are unique that it would take too long to list them but one of the stand-out features would have to be the falcon wing rear doors that make entry as easy as possible and is a little bit of theatre every time you open them. We all suspected that jokers in a car park would park close enough to stop them opening but they don’t open as you expect. They essentially open in two parts whereby the top section cantilevers in if it senses an obstruction and it is a very very clever piece of kit.

That old chestnut ‘range anxiety’ raises its ugly head here and is what has stopped electric cars really taking over. The least expensive option would be the 60D with a range of 220 miles or step up to the 75D and you will achieve 259 miles. This, like a petrol car, depends on how heavy you are with your right foot, but unlike a dinosaur fuelled car, it will take longer to charge than it takes to fill with fuel.

But that really is the only trade off. If at home, then pop it on charge and it will be ready to go every morning and if on the road, then the computer will tell you where the nearest charge point is and it takes 20 minutes for a half charge and a little less than an hour for a full charge. Therefore it just takes a little planning. Allow time to grab a coffee or a sandwich and you will be good to go but if you are on the road for business and plans change , then this becomes an issue as there is no engine in the car to get you out of trouble.

The elephant in the room is the price. The 75D is £71,900, the shorter range 60D is £64,100 and then up the list to the 90D at £89,300 and the range topping P90D comes in at around £100,000. There is no doubt it is a revolutionary peek into the future but this price will, l am afraid, be a barrier for many. The killer car will be the Model 3 when it arrives as it is aimed at the mass market and, in the US, it will come in at $35,000 (£27,000). In my mind, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this car will sweep the planet and oh how our grandchildren will giggle in horrified amazement at the stories of how we used to pump fossil fuel into a hole at the back of our cars. The future is here.


Model tested: 90D

Power unit: 90kWh Dual Motor

Power: 417bhp eqv.

Performance: 0-60mph 4.8 seconds

Top speed: 155mph

Price from: £89,300

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