In February 2017, Surrey Business School (SBS) launched the first Centre for Management Learning (CML) in the UK with the Vice President of the Management, Knowledge and Education (MKE) initiative at the British Academy of Management (BAM).

The CML is a response to a business world that is in constant flux and shaken by economic, political, technological and societal events and changes around us. The business world is in need of flexible and reflective managers and leaders with versatile skills who can effectively deal with the challenges and changes ahead.

Co-directors of the SBS centre primarily ask the question of how should students, at all levels, learn about, and to be, managers and leaders in a variety of organisational contexts and how should we train, develop, support and motivate teaching staff and scholars to explore, design and deliver a curriculum that meets these requirements?

The mission of the CML is to be the leading UK competency centre for such enquiry and aims to improve and enhance teaching excellence in management through industry-informed curriculum design, new teaching practices, staff development and pedagogic research and events. As such the centre is unique in supporting and practicing teaching and learning excellence and we welcome academics and people from industry across the UK to join us on a new journey that transforms the way we teach our leaders of the future.

Industry partners are invited to work with CML to help develop graduates with values, skills and mind-sets ready for industry. Benefits include:

• Close collaboration with CML industry partner representatives

• Logo and partnership featured on CML website and communicated via various online channels

• Involvement in CML events (e.g. planning, participating, attending, hosting, sponsoring)

• Involvement in the CML Annual International Symposium (e.g. planning, participating, attending, hosting, sponsoring, presenting awards)

• Opportunity to meet and collaborate with other CML industry and academic partners

• Online and offline social media presence via the Surrey Business School network and the Surrey Public Relations team

• Discount for staff on our Post Graduate Certificate in Management Learning – a qualification in management learning designed for practitioners to teach in a business school as associates

• There is no joining fee or membership at present for the first 12 months

For more information and news on research and events please visit our website If you would like to get involved please send an email to

Surrey Business School

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