The Handcross-based design, web and marketing agency has been delivering memorable and effective online and offline creative work for over 17 years. Now the time has come for the team to use their creative flair on their own brand. The company has grown, upgraded and become more powerful - Storm12 has arrived.

Managing Director, Matt Saunders says “Following our success with significant client wins over the last few years including Gatwick Airport, AJW and Cmed Clinical Services, we have been undertaking a broader mix of online and offline projects and seen increased demand for our exciting videos and bespoke websites.”

Established in 1999, the agency boasts a proven track record working for local, national and international clients. Their aim is simple - to help clients stand out from the crowd.

Or as they succinctly put it; “We have been unashamedly seeking attention since 1999.” Blending in is not their style and firmly believe in a ‘why be boring?’ approach. They deliver stunning creative that really is attention-grabbing.

Now it is time for an upgrade.

Matt says, “Like only the most serious weather events, this Storm has been upgraded to force twelve - a once in a lifetime weather event. The kind that gets talked about. The kind that leaves a mark. The kind of thing you want from a creative agency.

“We’re proud to launch our dynamic new brand to help us better reflect the creative work and range of services that we deliver. We also look forward to an all-new office design later this year.

“We’re small enough to be agile, nimble and responsive, yet strong enough to take on the greatest challenges. We have a big personality and a passion to go above and beyond client expectations. We believe engagement and interaction are effective ways of communicating with clients. We feel a big idea can beat the weight of a media schedule; that creativity and powerful ideas are more critical to effectiveness than the size of a campaign budget. Storm12 is all about strategy, ideas and results - our level of service blows the competition away!”

With the new name comes the new logo, and the company applies their usual philosophy to logo design, as Matt explains: “We always actively encourage clients to think carefully when developing colour palettes and styles for their logos. Storm12 is no different to this process and we have developed our new logo with brand perception in mind - how we want people to think or feel about our brand.”

“Purple is creative, imaginative and wise. Orange is a call to action, cheerful and confident, and pink is fun and evokes a sense of playfulness,” adds Senior Designer, Paul Mellon.

Exciting times are ahead for Storm12 who will continue to apply their powerful expertise across strategy-led branding, advertising, websites, direct marketing, literature, exhibitions, video and animation. The new journey is one the company will take with their existing partners. Matt concludes, “We would like to thank all of our great clients for their continued support and interesting projects over the years, and we look forward to continuing to prosper together.”

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