What should every good tradeshow have? Networking opportunities? Skill learning opportunities? Engaging speakers who know what they’re talking about? How about all three?

Save the date of the 16th March 2017, as Net XP’s business tradeshow is unmissable. We are privileged to have two fantastic keynote speakers to leave you feeling inspired at our event, Shéa Bennett and Sam Knowles.

Our opening keynote speaker, Shéa Bennett is Head of Digital Marketing at Identity Group. Identity has grown to become a major supplier of digital marketing, events management and commercial signage across the UK and Europe, and they love to work with dynamic and innovative businesses. Shéa has more than a decade’s worth of experience in digital, including social media and email marketing, cost per click (CPC), e-commerce, user experience (UX) and lead generation. He writes a monthly column on digital marketing for Platinum Business magazine and is a regular on the speaking circuit.

Shéa recognises that smart businesses can no longer afford to opt out of social media marketing, with digital platforms such as Facebook now essential for brand awareness, customer outreach and lead generation. In his presentation, Shéa will look at the latest trends, statistics, and tools in social media marketing, including actionable takeaways, top tips and a Q&A to kick-start the day.

Our closing speaker, Sam Knowles will round off the day with the art of business storytelling. He talks about how the media landscape has never been noisier or more complex. Every minute, people upload 100 hours of video to YouTube, perform a million Google searches, and send 200 million emails. And since 2000, attention spans have fallen by a third to just eight seconds. In this world of information overload, communication from companies and brands easily gets lost. What can you do to give your content a better chance of being heard? The answer is to tell better stories. Simple, straightforward stories. Stories about the people who make your business tick. Purposeful stories full of energy, emotion, and empathy, but free from jargon, numbers and waffle. Great brand stories aren’t B2B or B2C. They’re H2H – Human to Human. In 2013, corporate and brand storyteller Sam Knowles created Insight Agents. Their purpose is to help businesses thrive by crafting and telling better, more authentic stories. In the closing keynote address to Net XP 2017, Sam will show you how to engage with and have an impact on your customer base.

With such excellent speakers to inspire a revolution inside of you, to develop and help your business grow, Net XP fully recommends you put this one in your diary!

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