In last month’s issue, l presented an overview of the classic car market and the tremendous investment potential this sector offers. If you missed it, go to our website and look in the Motoring section – it might surprise you.

In this issue l am going to take a closer look at one particular car that is very close to my heart – the Jensen Interceptor. I loved this car and owned two of them and was sold the minute the sales guy mentioned that it had two horns – one for the town and one for the country, to ensure it didn’t frighten the horses. Brilliant. We all have stories of that car or that house that we wish we still had as the value had shot up – the Interceptor is one such car. Beautiful, stylish, fast, luxurious with that glorious wrap round rear window – it really did have it all and now the classic car market is finally waking up. With values greatly improving there is a limited time to find one before the price rockets.

Built by Jensen Motors in West Bromwich from 1966 to 1976 and designed by Carrozzeria Touring of Italy, with the body originally made by Vignale – a name that Ford have recently re-introduced. Available with either a 6.2 litre or 7.2 litre Chrysler engine, the variants included coupe, convertible and the most valuable, the four-wheel drive FF. It boasted 0-60 in 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 145mph – this was seriously quick in those days and none too shabby now. There was a total of 6,407 Interceptors sold with a starting price of £5,340 in 1966 and there are probably less than 1,200 still running.

Today an excellent condition Mk.1 model will sell for £37,500 with a Concours model fetching £69,500 dependant on model, miles and spec. Search the motoring mags and you can find them available from as little as £19,000 but buy a lemon, and, like boats, there will only ever be two good days – the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Pick a good one and throw £10,000 into it and you will have a beautiful, useable £40,000 investment that will only ever rise in value.

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