Surrey Wildlife Trust’s conservation grazing cows are not only helping the county’s wildlife habitats - they’re now providing local sustainable food reared on some of Surrey’s most important nature reserves.

Two traditional Surrey butchers have started selling quality beef from the Trust’s Belted Galloway herd - Seabright’s in Haslemere and Surrey Hills Butchers in Oxshott.

“Our animals have a vital role to play in the conservation of heathland and chalk grassland habitats in the county and the preservation of the wildlife that lives there,” explained Steve Proud, the Trust’s Farm Manager. “The meat is a natural offshoot of our conservation grazing herd and the income generated will be ploughed back in to help pay for the costs of running the herd.

“People like to know where their meat comes from - animal welfare, traceability and food miles are big considerations these days. I’m proud to say our animals have a lovely life, grazing in some of Surrey’s most stunning landscapes – they are very happy cows!”

The Trust started its conservation grazing project with just three animals in 2007. As well as nearly 400 cattle, it now has goats and sheep. It also uses red deer for managing more inaccessible habitats in the county.