The last few years has seen RBS make progress in its strategy to build financial strength, simplify the bank, and focus on its customers in its core home markets of the UK and Ireland. This progress gives the bank the platform to invest in its customer facing brands, NatWest in England and Wales and the Royal Bank in Scotland.

NatWest’s new brand positioning will be: ‘We Are What We Do’ – articulating the pride it places in serving customers well. This new positioning shows the importance the bank places on accountability, and for turning good thoughts into effective actions. NatWest will commit to teach 1 million young people about money by 2018 through its MoneySense programme. MoneySense is one of the longest running financial education programmes in the country.

Royal Bank of Scotland will emphasise its commitment to the people of Scotland with the campaign the Royal Bank for Scotland. This will articulate how the bank serves Scottish communities, focusing on what matters for customers and its determination to do the right thing. Royal Bank of Scotland is tied to the history and people of Scotland. ‘Royal Bank for Scotland’ signifies the value in that relationship.

David Wheldon, Chief Marketing Officer at NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland, said:

“Our strategy in recent years has been to build a bank that reflects what our customers want and need. We are no longer a global bank with global aspirations, our home is here and we have great brands in NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland that connect with our customers.

“By investing in these brands we can help rebuild pride and trust in the service we provide. I want the bank to be held to account for our actions and behaviours with “We Are What We Do” and “The Royal Bank for Scotland” speaking to that ambition.”

NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland’s focus on customer service has seen it take a bold pricing promise on teaser rates; remove bonuses and incentives for frontline staff; introduce community protection advisors to protect customers from fraud; support more UK businesses than any other bank; and launch one of the first financial education programmes in the UK through its MoneySense programme. Its commitment to improving customer service will continue with a new customer feedback system being rolled out across the country; and a company-wide leadership training programme being embedded across the bank.

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