I am constantly asked if people can review cars for me but it is always based on “please give me a supercar to review” - if l am getting a supercar, you will only get it out of my dead cold hands! So here we go with a new feature whereby readers review their own new cars. First Richard Pollins, Managing Partner of leading law firm DMH Stallard on the delivery of his new pony.

So picture the scene, back in July last year. My Audi S5 was getting on a bit, and I needed a change before anything too nasty and expensive went wrong. I fully intended to play it safe again with some more German efficiency and safety. I am after all Managing Partner of DMH Stallard and, as a lawyer, hard-wired to be sensible. But where does sensible end and boring begin? I am 50 next year for goodness sake - was now the time to think radical and take a bit of a risk?

So with that in mind, and some encouragement from my kids, I duly placed an order for a brand new Ford Mustang available now in the UK for the first time in its 52 year history in right hand drive.

I could have gone for the safe (and somewhat boring) 2.3 eco-boost option but that wouldn’t be any fun would it? So I went for the full fat option, and opted for the monster 5-litre V8, and after 11 months and 3 weeks my new Mustang duly arrived last week, all the way from Flat Rock, Michigan, USA.

First impressions were promising. It was clean and shiny, and the colour options a real winner – magnetic grey with black alloys. Sporty but a touch classy too - a bit like a certain Mr Hoffmann!

Sitting in the car I immediately realised how big this thing is. The long bonnet was imposing from the driver’s seat. And underneath that bonnet, lurked a beast. With a touch of the start button I unleashed the monstrous growl of the V8. Things were looking good.

For a car with a list price of around £36,000 you certainly get a lot for your money. It’s very well kitted out and looks the part – a few cheap plastics but on the whole very good. Heated and cooling seats as standard - the latter takes a bit of getting used to but is surprisingly effective. There is a rear camera which is very useful - but strangely no front sensors annoyingly. Great connectivity as you would expect via the Ford SYNC system. Texts by voice command were particularly useful, and the shaker pro sound system boomed loudly and brought home the true magnificence of Highway to Hell by AC/DC on the journey home back from the dealer.

The car is crammed full of technology – different driving and steering wheel modes, and loads of data available for track days. The car has two rear bucket seats but at over 6 foot, for me it can only really accommodate 3 people comfortably. It certainly has a big boot for a coupe – fit for a couple of golf bags if that’s your thing, or a decent load up from Ikea.

Now this is where I have to make a confession. During the order process I reverted to type and went with the auto box – a 5 litre V8 without a stick shift I hear you say? I know, very boring on paper but in the flesh this has done nothing to lessen the enjoyment of driving the Mustang. It’s been widely reported that this is the best Mustang ever – both in terms of performance and looks. Even Clarkson likes it. Independent rear suspension makes the whole driving experience so much more rewarding and although unfashionable for some now, so very European. I’m used to driving a V8, but the Mustang’s acceleration is truly impressive, as is the handling. Brakes are thankfully sharp too. Now according to my wife I drive a bit like Miss Daisy, so fuel economy is bearing up quite well for the first 400 miles – around 21 mpg, which is somewhat better than my Audi.

Now on the face of it, there is something inherently wrong about owing an American Muscle car in the UK. Our roads are narrow, parking spaces tiny, fuel expensive - but there’s something about this car – it works perfectly.

It really is an absolute blast, and I now drive around with a smile on my face. How well it will cope with the British winter remains to be seen, but for now I am going to enjoy the weather, and my new toy.

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