Dual Sim Mobile Phones

Do you have a separate work and a personal smartphone, or use different numbers when travelling abroad? If yes, then you may want to consider looking at a smartphone that can take two SIMS. These devices are now becoming mainstream and rumour control has it that Apple may be introducing this as a feature in the new iPhone 7 allowing two different numbers and profiles. If you would like to read a review on the current best UK dual SIM phones take a trip to www.pcadvisor.co.uk/ and type ‘20 best dual-SIM smartphones’ in the search bar.

How Safe Is Your Data?

If a hacker with resources wants your data they will invariably find it irrespective of whether it is on a server in your office or in the Cloud. The majority of data thefts are however, by disgruntled employees; late 2015 a client of ours lost an employee to a competitor start-up taking confidential company data with them. This data was on a local server and taken without the owner’s knowledge, until it was too late. Following this we retired the old server and migrated the client to an Office 365 cloud environment and set up data loss policies (DLP) to prevent confidential data leaking outside the business. DLP helps a business to identify, monitor and protect sensitive information across their Office 365 environment and is certainly something all businesses should consider.

Windows 10 Product ID

In order to activate Windows 10 it generally uses what’s referred to as an activation digital signature, and does not require a 25-character product ID key. I say generally as this is when you upgrade for free from Windows 7 / 8.1 or purchased a Windows 10 / Windows 10 Pro upgrade from the Windows store. If you purchase Windows 10 from an authorised retailer or have a Volume Licensing Agreement, then a product key is required. This is all good stuff, however what if you have issues with Windows 10 or want a copy of it, yet don’t have a Product key as you upgraded or purchased from the Windows store? To find this key navigate to Control Panel (press the Windows key and X or right click on the Windows 10 Start button) and select System. Your 25-character Product ID key is displayed under Windows activation.

Running Windows On Your Mac Continued…

Last month I mentioned Apple’s Boot Camp and the third party application Parallels to run Windows on your Apple computer. If you are looking to run Windows inside your OS X environment, aside from Parallels, also take a look at VMware Fusion and VirtualBox. With VMware Fusion and Parallels you pay however VirtualBox is free. Parallels is in my opinion the best, and easiest to setup for non-technical users, but don’t discount the others.

Windows 10 Full Screen Start Menu

If you find the Windows 10 start menu too small why not make it a full screen affair? To do this right click on your Windows 10 desktop and select Personalise. In the personalisation windows click Start. Now slide the Use Start full screen bar to On, and close the window. Now when you click on the Windows start menu it fills your display making it far easier to work with the live tiles.

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