Chestnut Tree House, the children’s hospice service for Sussex, has launched a new campaign that aims to increase the number of children it cares for in the Brighton & Hove area, and we’re asking local people what little things they can do to help to make a big difference to local life-limited children.

We care for 300 children with life-shortening conditions and their families, including 23 in the Brighton & Hove area. We have a Community Team which cares for families in their own homes and the hospice building near Worthing has 10 beds providing specialist short breaks, emergency care, step-down from hospital and end-of-life care.

A bath at bedtime. A swim on a Saturday afternoon. Maybe just a few hours uninterrupted sleep. All these things become even more precious when you have a child with a life-shortening condition. The care that Chestnut Tree House offers children and their families in their own homes and in the hospice means that families get to enjoy more of these little things.

One family who have experienced Chestnut Tree House’s care firsthand are Laura and Peter Elliott, whose sons Sam, 13 and Owen, 9, both have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Laura says, “The boys have been able to enjoy wonderful experiences, thanks to Chestnut Tree House, but for us it’s the little things, like being able to spend time reading, swimming in the pool and creating happy memories together as a family, that are the really big things. Those precious moments together mean the world to us.”

Linda Perry, Director of Children’s Services at the hospice explains, “A recent study has shown that there may be over 160 families in the local area who need our help but may be put off by the thought of coming to Chestnut Tree House or even just by the word ‘hospice’. We are here to support families who have a child with a life-shortening condition. Little things like a few hours’ break from the responsibilities of caring for a sick child, a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on can help make a big difference to these families.

“As well as reaching out to local families, we are asking people what little things they could do to help. You might want to get your company involved in fundraising, spend a couple of hours volunteering, donate to our shops in Brighton and Hove or play our lottery. Whatever little thing you could do will mean a great deal to the children and families who need our care.”


Anybody who would like to pledge their support to Chestnut Tree House can find out more at, telephone 01903 871820 or email Any family who thinks they may be eligible to receive support from Chestnut Tree House and would like to find out more can also visit the website or call the Care Team on 01903 871800.

Call For Prizes To Help Chestnut Tree House

Snowman Spectacular Fundraising Ball on Saturday, 3 December are already sold out, but we are still in need of help from local businesses to assist with our fundraising activities. We are interested in hearing from companies and individuals who would like to donate prizes for our main auction, silent auction and our Christmas Gift Tree, for which we need over 600 prizes. If you can help in any way with prizes, large or small, quirky and original, please contact Terrina Barnes on 01903 871846 or email

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