The Ford Mondeo has held sway over this mid-range sector for quite some time and all things must come to an end. But, l venture, not quite yet.

The Insignia is a good looking, sleek design and a good choice for the sub-premium fleet market. The 2-litre diesel will be the favourite but l would step up to the fancy BiTurbo model that has the kick this car needs. It is good, handsome and able but lacks that touch of flair that would set it apart.

The interior is a marked improvement over past Vauxhall products in this sector and has a feel that it was designed rather than crafted in a 6th form design studio. Everything is where you would want it and easy to hand and it is very comfortable on the motorway, which is where it will spend most of its time. Round town it’s nippy enough but the engine is a tad gruff for me. The petrol is quieter of course but then you lose some of the USP. Price and economy. And in both these areas it scores very well. To get into this car for as little as £16,279 is remarkable.

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