If you do lots of back-to-back business travel, save time by keeping a partially packed suitcase. Replenish toiletries and essentials such as underwear and sleepwear as soon as you return. Then, next time you have to pack, you’ve only got to add some business clothes and you’re ready to go.

Cabin Luggage

We all know that taking cabin luggage only means a faster exit on arrival. However, if you’re late boarding you may find that the overhead bins are full, forcing you to check in your baggage. Instead of taking a standard cabin-sized, rigid suitcase and laptop case, take two more equally-sized bags (check with your airline first). One should be the maximum size that you could, if necessary, fit under the seat in front. The other should be a non-rigid canvas bag which can be slotted into any odd space in-between the big suitcases in the overhead bins.

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