Travel - Stacking The Arguments Over Airport CapacityBusiness travel remains the lifeblood of a prosperous and competitive economy, and in an era of globalisation it is an inescapable fact that air transport is especially important.

Companies rely on air travel to carry out business. It enables them to keep in touch with clients, suppliers and staff across the world, it also supports the generation of sales of goods and services. What’s more, that the demand for business travel by air will continue to grow in coming years, with the fastest expansion on routes to destinations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Key policy-makers therefore cannot afford to overlook the contribution air travel makes to UK economic prosperity in any future decisions on air transport. In fact, it’s time they acted on the fact that the UK’s ability to continue to meet the needs of business and the economy rests on the thorny problem of lack of airport capacity.

In business travel management, we find that the majority of our clients use Heathrow, which, in 2015 alone, saw almost 75 million passengers and almost 1.5 million metric tonnes of cargo.

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