What a mess. David Cameron made the promise of a referendum when he thought he needed an extra bullet in his gun for the last election and then having won, realised that he would actually have to go through with it.

And here we are with domestic and international matters put on the back burner whilst the continent is entranced with the vote. And now we hear that the Dutch and Czechs are talking of a referendum.

Few can doubt that there are problems to come whichever way the vote goes but the resounding voice of business says let’s just get it over and done with and get back to work, as this uncertainty is slowing down business, hampering acquisitions and, essentially, has halted international investment whilst all this doubt is in the air.

This has been a negative campaign on both sides, with fear and loathing a plenty and just as the Tories get a clear run, with Labour in such disarray, they revert to type and start in-fighting with blue-on-blue battles raging on every front.

There is little doubt that this is an enormously important vote and in light of this, we have canvassed the region for comment and trawled through the archives for some explosive quotes, and l beg you to search, as they are not very hard to find but are quite eye opening, and hint at a slight contempt for Britain and the rule of democracy. Something the British hold very dear. Do we try to fix that from within or from without?

We have until June 23rd to decide.

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