Although I’ve always been and will remain a strong advocate of online communications, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is bringing people together in real life!

Over the years, my team and I have organised numerous events for clients, from private dinners through to public consultations, business engagement events and high profile conferences.  One thing they have in common – they’ve all brought together business communities across our region.

My experience is that, whatever the occasion, live events provide an important opportunity to gain from listening and sharing experiences through conversation. I have often walked away from such interactions with either a simple yet important piece of advice, a new idea or a valuable business ally for the future.

For many (and for senior executives and entrepreneurs in particular), business life can be isolating, so such events provide a valuable means of connecting with colleagues or like-minded peers and also help to put day-to-day issues in a broader context.

The act of bringing people together also reflects well on the hosting organisation. An event automatically elevates their brand, helping to build collaborations and motivate employees. Building connections by bringing people together also has the benefit of generating support when change is necessary.

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