Who doesn't love a supercar? Total arts-of-work-on-wheels that are good enough to lick and fast enough to rip your face off. What’s not to love?

The elephant in the room in this discussion is the fact that 99% of supercars are not everyday drivers. They are elegant, delicate and ruinously expensive to repair when Doris hits you in the car park of Asda. So, pop it in the garage and only let it out for those Sunday blasts and, in most cases, watch the value soar if you keep the miles low. Well that’s very boring, isn’t it?

The Audi R8 V10 is that elusive beast - an everyday driver still able to warp your facial features if you get heavy with the go-pedal. I have each of my review cars direct from the manufacturer for seven days at a time, and I use them as my work and play car for the week. This means l attend countless meetings, conferences and exhibitions, take the kids to school, go shopping at Waitrose and may even deliver a sick bunny to the vet (long story).

Send me a Ferrari 458 or Lamborghini Huracan and most of these tasks would be impractical and somewhat scary if l had any respect for my no-claims bonus.

The new V10 is sharper and tighter than its V8 predecessor, and, with much of the tub being new, with aluminium space frame and panels, it is lighter. There is also a good dollop of carbon fibre in there, too, making it lighter and stronger. The 1,555kg kerb weight makes it a skinny latte; add in all-wheel drive and a screaming 5.2 litre engine producing 602bhp, and you just know what’s coming next. I am going to drive it like l stole it.

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