Hannah Monkcom speaks to the owners of an award winning Christmas tree plantation, providing for the likes of our very own PM!

Ever wondered who makes Downing Street ‘Christmassy’ during the festive season? I imagine scenes from ‘Love Actually’ and Hugh Grant prancing around to ‘Jump’ by the Pointer Sisters.

H A Trim and Santa Fir is a business in Surrey owned by Julie and Hans Alexandersen. They specialise in Christmas cheer for everyone, including the Prime Minister! H A Trim is the wholesale operation of the business while Santa Fir is a family fun retail site. The business is very much a family concern with most of their staff either family members or very close friends, which gives their business that personal touch that we, as consumers, all look for. Julie says, “We are very privileged to be surrounded by such loyal and dedicated staff and feel our success largely hinges on this”. I think she’s right, as a consumer I buy from places that put in that special bit of effort, or that show that personal family touch in their business. Their success is evident as even the Prime Minister wants to have one of their trees plus a wreath in his dwelling this year, for the second time!

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