Tesla SThe Game Changer by Maarten Hoffmann

On June 4th , 2015, my life as a highly experienced motoring editor changed forever. I am a dinosaur that loves fast, noisy cars. Ideally, a V8 or V12 up front, rear wheel drive, two seats and plenty of grunt. I have the joy every Monday morning of a new car arriving on my drive delivered by the manufacturers for the pleasure and delectation of my review.

Electric and hybrid cars are foisted upon me from time to time, and, although competent to a degree, none have blown my skirt up and all seem like politically correct tinkering with existing models. In short, they are all mostly a waste of time with dodgy styling, useless range and most have a noisy and highly polluting diesel engine sitting alongside the electric motor that kicks in after less than 60 miles to charge the batteries. They are, in the main, small city cars that already do a gazillion to the gallon. Pointless.

Then the Tesla S arrived on my driveway...

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