First Female Leader of the Free World?

North America has recently got into the habit of dynastic reigns. The Bush family had a good crack at it, and if Jeb Bush, the incumbent Republican senator from Florida, has his way, he will upset the apple cart and grab the keys to the White House, which would see three members of the Bush family occupy the office of President of the United States.

But Jeb has one very dominant and forceful mountain of a problem to overcome before his dream, and that of his father, the 41st President, George H.W. Bush, comes to fruition, and that is one Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

The Clintons are yet another fledgling dynastic force as one could say that she is only in the running because she was married to the 42nd President, one William Jefferson Clinton. Quite when being married to a powerful man gave one the right to take over that power is a mystery that only we Brits truly understand.

We have a hereditary royal family where the reins are passed from one generation to another, regardless of ability, experience or the will of the people. But the huge difference here is that the royal family has no real power. The president of the United States is still the most powerful office on the planet and the de facto leader of the free world.

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