Audi TTThe Teutonic Order by Maarten Hoffmann

The Audi TT has been with us since 1999 and was catastrophically labelled a ‘hairdressers’ car’. Simple little throw-away remarks like that by slick and slippery motoring journalists searching for a canny comment can do great damage to the image of a car, and it certainly put many men off buying the TT, and therefore you tend to see more women than men driving them. This is totally unfair, but the label stuck.

That label can now be ripped up as the new TT arrives on our shores, and a thing of beauty it is, too. It is bigger, butcher, faster and far better equipped than its predecessor. The TTs are all turbocharged, and the choice is either the 2.0 litre petrol or diesel or the explosively fast TTS. As l write it has been announced that the TT has won the Diesel Sportscar of the Year Award 2015.

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