Mental HealthAre you mindful of your mental health?

This month I would again like to revert to a “just a thought” comment from a previous column to develop a theme of looking after ourselves.

“Sir Richard Branson recently commented that “because I stay fit and healthy, I’m working as hard as I’ve ever worked”. Do you pay enough attention to your health and fitness?”

Were you able to give much thought yourself to that point? Or were you metaphorically and physically running around trying to do so many things that, although the idea expressed did briefly register as interesting as it was processed, you quickly moved on to do several other essential things and the thought soon disappeared ?

It is easy to interpret the quote as relating solely to physical health, particularly bearing in mind the speaker’s “action man” reputation. On first reading that is probably the default reaction. But I think it applies equally to the mind as well as to the body.

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