Scott GarnerThe road to successful exports by Scott Garner, Head of Business Development at DMH Stallard

UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has engaged leading regional law firm DMH Stallard to undertake a detailed qualitative report to uncover the most common strategies that have allowed organisations to significantly grow their bottom line through international trade.

Scott Garner, Head of Business Development at DMH Stallard, explains the importance of the research and how the firm is committed to investing in thought-leadership.

By interviewing a range of businesses who have already entered international markets successfully and learning from their first-hand experiences, we are aiming to publish a completely independent report (The Road to Successful Exports) in May 2015.

This report, which builds on insight published in DMH Stallard’s earlier report “Venturing Abroad: Practical advice on getting into new markets overseas”, will be seen as the ‘go-to’ guide.

As a firm we believe in investing in sector ‘thought-leadership’ to deliver value for our clients. We recognise the value of taking sector understanding to the next level. By doing so we help our clients by having a deep understanding of sector specific issues and therefore of how to achieve their strategic goals.

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