Alternative Day

Amanda Menahem from Hastings Direct reflects on the day at the office she had just had...

Having just read ‘Just another day at the office’ I was forced to smile as I reflected on the day at the office I had just had. I had just finished a staff listening group; this is where I get a random group of employees together to tell me how it really is, what’s really going on and what the issues are that make them anything less than completely joyous about coming to work.

It’s something the Senior Leadership team at Hastings Direct do regularly. It’s vitally important to us that we remain ‘in touch’ with our valued front-line. After all, it is they, not us, who serve our customers. They are the ones who make or break our business and hold the answers to most business challenges. And, of course, as HR Director I’m often afforded a level of candour that my colleagues don’t always get. So what did I learn on this particular day in the office?

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