Sugar and Spice

No one ever imagined that Alan Sugar made his millions by being a sweet poppet, but is he now in danger of becoming a caricature of himself with the gruff no-nonsense approach to just about everything? Sir Sugar’s style is purpose-built for the Apprentice, the BBC television programme that sees a crowd of dim-witted morons attempt a range of daft stunts to prove they are worthy of his benevolent employment. In general, these people aren’t up to asking if you would like fries with your burger, let alone a high flying job with a Knight of the Realm.

Baron Sugar of Clapton in the London Borough of Hackney was knighted for his services to business in 2009, which is quite a fairy story ending for the boy who grew up in Hackney and who having left school at 16, started selling car aerials and electronic goods out of an old van he had picked up for £50. You would be forgiven for making the inevitable comparison to Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses and the catch phrase that one day he would be a millionaire. When you also consider Lord Sugar’s status as a property mogul, television star and Knight of the Realm, you can see how greatly his story differs from Derek’s illustrious dream.

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Lord Sugar