John Burrows, UniglobeWhen travelling for business with over nine people, the Business Travel Industry would deem this to be “Group Business Travel”. Group Travel is normally fulfilled by a specialist division who have vast experience in not only arranging travel for a large number of people, but are also highly skilled in negotiating group rates with airlines, hotels and rail operators.

This can be done for ad-hoc groups, conferences, congresses and special events of all sizes. In this day and age, there is rarely a “traditional” group – travel can take many forms such as multiple origins and therefore needs expert handling and project management from the time of conception.

Group Business Travel teams strive to obtain a thorough understanding of their clients, making them an integral part in fulfilling the business needs. From onset to completion, the dedicated teams will arrange all aspects of group travel. Due to the diverse nature and needs of their clients, their experience is wide ranging, allowing them to offer a complete collection of Group Travel Services. They can offer everything from a motivational sales meeting for 10 people to a product launch or conference for over 1000 people all in one seamless package.

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